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The TOTAL Camp with a NEW Central Calgary City Location is the most advanced training camp for female volleyball players in North America. 6-DAYS! We only provide full time professional coaches. This camp is for student athletes who want to excel and are passionate to take their game to the NEXT LEVEL. We offer Leadership training, tactical sessions, sports nutrition, sports psychology, mental toughness training, teach the game-improve your game by learning how to train others, speed explosion & vertical training; close out the week with a 6 on 6 tournament. The focus is on solidifying your skills and advancing them. The TOTAL Camp has a full time personal trainer who will focus on regeneration, nutrition as well as proper posture and training to decrease immediate and future injury (Full time Trainer only at TOTAL Camp with 60 participants). The age group for this camp will be U15-U18 at division 1-4 level. We do allow exceptional U14 players in the camp and require them to have played at the Division 1 and 2 level.

Program Dates: August 16-21, 2021

Program Times: 9:00am-4:00pm

Female Athletes: 14U-17U 


Information and Registration for the HITT Volleyball Camp can be found on the HITT Volleyball Camp website: Click HERE