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JVC has partnered with Young Fitness to offer strength training programs to support all levels of fitness and training. Whether you are looking to implement strength training to support a particular sport, or looking for a fun class to keep you active, we can help you.

The best of both worlds! The perfect mix of individual attention and fun with friends at a great price! Grab your spouse, partner, friends, co-workers or teammates and get ready to work! A group setting typically leads to great results as participants encourage and hold each other accountable. Programming is designed based on the goals and experience of the collective group and your trainer will be there to guide you every step of the way. 

Training times are scheduled based on your availability




7-12 athletes


2 - 6 participants

It’s never too late to give your team the leg up on the competition. Our team training is specifically designed to fit the needs of your athletes and the demands of their sport. Age, training history, injury risk and skill requirements make the nature of each teams’ training unique. Our programming is based off these needs while periodizing all programs to fit your competition schedule. Our elite trainers have helped hundreds of athletes win championships, earn scholarships and even play professionally!

Training times are scheduled based on your team's availability


MONTHS: June, July & August

DURATION: 4 week program, 3 times per week (3 strength sessions and 1 on-court)

AGE GROUPS: 14U - 15U & 16U - 18U

Gains are made in the off-season! Led by volleyball and vertical jump specialist, Will Young, the Vertical Academy is an elite program that focuses on improving the vertical jump of volleyball athletes through sport specific means. This program utilizes an evidence-based approach that combines technique training, strength training, and plyometrics to improve power production and reach new heights.

An elite option for elite results! Working 1-on-1 with your own personal strength and conditioning coach ensures that you get the individual attention that you deserve. Every aspect of your training is 100% catered to you! This is no stock program design! Your program is built from scratch based on your goals, experience, injury history and season long periodization to maximize every second of your training. Every movement is critiqued and adjusted to ensure the greatest results possible, after all “it’s a game of inches”.

Training times are scheduled based on your availability 

Get your sweat on over lunch!  $15 drop-in group training is held every Tuesday and Thursday over the lunch hour.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 12 - 12:45



For any questions regarding strength and conditioning, please contact Will Young at or (403) 922 4496