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Are you ready to train differently? 

This program is designed for any athlete looking to improve position specific skills. Whether you are new to a position or simply wanting to improve, the goal of this program is not only to improve technical skill but also increase volleyball IQ by working with coaches with experience in each position at the post secondary and/or national team level. There are

limited spots available for each position in order to create a purposeful training environment.






Train with the best to become the best! Our Dinos coaches are all former or current CCAA and USport athletes that all bring a level of experience and expertise to each position on the court. This program will help elevate any athlete that is looking to improve on the foundation they currently have in their position or take this opportunity to learn a completely new position. All technical coaching is conducive with Volleyball Canada's longterm athlete development model and reflects the philosophies that we are are seeing at the highest level of competition. Our goal is to help support each athlete at becoming well rounded in all the skills required of their position.

  • CAMP COST: $325 (CAN) + tax 

  • DATES: JULY 19 - 23, 2021

  • DURATION: 1 Week, sessions every day


    • 15U - 17U Girls (*based on the coming club season)

      • 9:30am - 12:30pm, Monday - Friday
        • 9:30am - 11:30am Position Specific Training 
        • 11:30am - 12:30pm Game Play

HITTER ACADEMY (30 participants): The hitter academy is focused on developing the fundamental skills required to be a successful outside attacker at any level. Athletes will receive technical feedback regarding serve receive, defense, attacking and blocking, as well as being introduced to tactics that will elevate their all around game. From offensive strategies to defensive reading skills, this academy is the full package for any outside attacker looking to increase volleyball IQ and prepare for the next level.  


LIBERO ACADEMY (10 participants): Whether you are a beginner or an advanced passer/defender, this Academy is designed to provide detailed, isolated reps that focus on the technical breakdown of the first contact and defense. At this camp various influences on a defenders/passers success will be highlighted, including reading attackers/servers and adjusting to a block. Learning how to control a dig, use angles to your advantage and approach each ball with determination will improve your defensive game immensely. Get ready to work hard - Games are won in the back court!  

SETTER ACADEMY (10 participants): The Setter Academy is intended for any athlete looking to further their understanding of the technical and tactical skills involved in becoming a high performance setter. Through video feedback, game play video analysis and both technical and tactical feedback from experienced coaches, the setter academy will give athletes of all skill levels the opportunity to elevate their game.  Our academy will touch on everything from fundamental movements to how to run an effective offense at any level. This is a unique opportunity for any setter looking to further their technical skills and overall understanding of what it takes to be a setter at the next level.

MIDDLE ACADEMY (20 participants)Middle Academy's focus is on the skills, decision-making and movement efficiency required to be successful in the middle position. The intent of this Academy is to improve a middle's response to game scenarios so that they are able to make efficient movements, reactions and choices. Although attacking and blocking are considered essential skills, this camp will highlight the steps and decisions leading up to ball contact. Footwork, angles, speed, reaction, arm swing and hand placement will all be covered.